About us

What inspired Ella & Anne?

As we prepared to enter the temple for the first time we began searching for the perfect temple dress.  We wanted something beautiful, comfortable and also modest.  We found plenty of white dresses that were modest, and would have worked, but they just didn't feel like a representation of us.  

Well, they say necessity is the mother of all invention... and ultimately we decided to create dresses for everyone who found themselves in a similar search for a classic temple dress that would work throughout all of life's phases.  

Our dresses are designed by us with all the details you want in a temple dress.  We went through hundreds of white fabrics to land on selections that we feel are the most fitting for each dress.  The styles are all flattering and comfortable, and nearly all of our dresses have POCKETS.  

Ella & Anne was created to help every woman find a dress they LOVE.  We hope you feel confident, comfortable, classy and cute in our dresses every time you enter the temple.